LuminAID in the News!

LuminAID in the News!

It’s been a big year for LuminAID! Check us out on CNN, Fox News, the Today Show, and more.

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The LuminAID Light

The LuminAID Light

The LuminAID is a solar-powered, inflatable light. Charge it on the go and inflate to create a lightweight, waterproof light.

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Launching International Shipping

Launching International Shipping


We now ship LuminAID lights to over 25 countries through our website! Check the list here! If you don’t see your country, email for other options.

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How it Works

Charge in sun for 6-7 hours for up to 16 hours of LED light.
luminaid_solar_inflatable_light_howItWorks_2Inflate using valve. The inflation diffuses light like a lantern and protects eyes from any glare from the LED light source. luminaid_solar_inflatable_light_howItWorks_3
Illuminate with power switch once for LOW and twice for HIGH.
The LuminAID is water-resistant and can float.
  • Weight:
    3 ounces / 85 grams
  • Dimensions:
    12.5″ L x 8.5″ W (when deflated)
  • Storage and Battery Function:
    The LuminAID has a Lithium-Polymer Ion battery (similar to your cell phone) that was specifically chosen for its energy storage capacity and quality. The LuminAID can hold a full charge for over 4 months. Before storing for an extended period of time, it is best to make sure the battery is fully charged. We also recommend charging every 1-2 months to keep the battery at optimum condition.


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